We all have heard about “DESTINY” What is this destiny? What does it really mean!! every one has its own meaning of destiny. Destiny is something that have a great hold on us. It’s like something that is bounded to us. We all have some superstitions. We all believe in lucky charms. We all believe that if destiny is with us then we can conquer the world or if luck is not with us then it can’t be possible. We somehow in the corner of our heart believe that destiny is everything. Nothing could be done without destiny.
We should understand that only destiny cannot do anything we should also work hard lest we will not make it to our goals and we would not be able to achieve them. Although destiny has control over us but we should not depend on it because dreams and goals are achieved by hard work not by lucky charms.
And most of all our brain is like a robot which works according to our wishes and these wishes can only be created by us so if we think positively and properly we will understand the fact that only hardwork is the key to success. No one can achieve his dreams by merely depending on luck. We should think for the bigger picture, the bigger challenges that will be waiting for us.